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Crystal-Blue Bearing diabolo + aluminum hand sticks

For more experienced jugglers.
Easier to give spin and to keep it!
Longer lifetime of the string.

What’s special about a one way bearing diabolo?
The bearing axle blocks in one direction but turns freely in the opposite direction. A fixed axle cannot turn by itself, so when you stop giving speed, the friction of the axle against the string makes the diabolo lose spin. With a bearing axle, the diabolo cups keep spinning even when the axle doesn’t, so there is less friction on the string and less loss of spin. This enables a longer routine. Example: You can keep the axle trapped within a loop of the string, without losing spin.

What do you really need to know?
The axle has a black and white part. For righties the black part should be close to you, for lefties it should be away from you.

Including aluminium hands sticks 32cm and travel bag.



Article n°: 515712
Ean 5407005157121
Suggested Retail Price € 39,95
Size L. 120mm x diam. 105mm
Weight 250 g.

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