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Our Story

History and Policy

History and Policy

Brainteasers and puzzles have been our hardcore business for more than 30 years now. This is a very specialized “niche” market with its limits but we always preferred this over getting lost in mass market. Up until today we haven’t found any big distribution retailer that appreciates our “niche” profile and values, which subsequently makes our items rather exclusive. With the present growing e-commerce this now turns out to our benefit, as you may find our items somewhere available online, globally(!).  Therefore, it’s our intention to keep our focus on “niche” items and who knows what our expertise may bring us in the future?

History Eureka 3D Puzzles

It was September 1989 when my wife and me produced our first four Eureka 3D String Puzzles. A 100m² storage-room and loads of enthusiasm was what we had. A few shop owners shared our feelings and helped us getting started. 

Company logo Eureka BVBA Belgium

Mayor developments

  • Today we offer many unique puzzle designs, divided into 2 well-known brand names: Eureka 3D Puzzles and Huzzle Cast Puzzles.  Both ranges find their way to more than 40 countries. 
  • We created our Acrobat line which mostly consists out of juggling items.  Finding a Chinese producer who is a juggler himself was writing on the wall. It takes a juggler to know a juggler!
  • We launched our Ah!Ha range: single player logic thinking games that give you that unique Eureka!- or Aha! moment when you solve the challenge.
  • During the course of time we became the Benelux distributor for several other puzzle brands. Still in our portfolio: Cobble Hill, V-Cube, Metal Earth and Recent Toys (Belux). 


  • 1989: The start of Eureka 3D Puzzles, producing on a semi-professional level.
  • 1992: Foundation Eureka bvba, producing Eureka 3D Puzzles full time.
  • 1993: Pintoy (Thailand) distributor Belgium (wooden toys).
  • 1994: Pentangle Puzzles (UK) and Janod Casse-têtes (FR). Distributor Benelux (until cease brands)
  • 2000: Teifoc construction kits (ES) distributor Benelux (until 2005)
  • 2004: “Hanayama by Eureka”, a first test with Cast Puzzles (JP).
  • 2005: Distributor “Cast Puzzles for Europe”.  Cooperation with Hanayama Co. (JP), our best decision ever.
  • 2010: Producer Acrobat activity games.
  • 2013: Thinkfun (US) distributor Benelux (until 2017, Thinkfun Co. takeover by Ravensburger).
  • 2015: V-Cube (GR) distributor Benelux.
  • 2015: Fascinations-Metal Earth (US) distributor Benelux.
  • 2016: Cobble Hill (CA) distributor Benelux.
  • 2018: Launching our line of Ah!Ha games.
  • 2018: Recent Toys (NL) distributor Belux.
  • 2021: Eureka Puzzle Books. The start of combining puzzles with books.
  • 2020-2022: Our range of puzzles provided solace to many quarantined people during Covid-19.