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Captain Jack could not would not rest until he had found the lost treasure of Skull Island. Legend had it, that this treasure had been hidden somewhere in the Caribbean Islands over 200 years ago, by the legendary pirate, Beastly Bart.
Read about his quest in this book, illustrated with the nicest photos.

The fun doesn’t stop there!: Each book features a stack of themed coloring pages for hours of coloring fun. A set of color pencils to get started is already included.

And finally!
The book also includes a themed 3D puzzle, or it wouldn’t be a ‘puzzle book’ would it? Color the plates before assembling and make this your own project!

Enhancing parent/child relation by creating and learning together.

Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch !
Printed in EU.
© 2019 Murray Books Australia


Age +6yrs
Article n°: 470104
Ean 9780994391032
Level 5
Players child + adult
Suggested Retail Price € 19.95
Release 2021
Size 60 x 41 x 17 cm (ship assembled)
Size Box A4 Book

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