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Lucky! Secret ESCAPE Box

With each of our Secret Puzzle Boxes, there comes a hint on the packaging, very much like in Escape rooms. This is why we call them Secret Escape Boxes.

We see this Lucky Escape Box as a great gift for a friend or relative who’s had some bad luck, or for some who’re starting a new chapter in life. Instead of sending a wishing card, this Lucky Escape Box might just as well do the trick, with a four-leaved clover as international sign for luck. “Luck” is a great gift to share and ‘feeling lucky’ will lead to the kinetic energy that comes with this box.

Object: Open the Lucky Box and secure your secret lucky feelings inside.

We estimate the difficulty degree for this Lucky Secret Escape Box as 3 on 4 stars.


Article n°: 473456
Ean 5425004734563
Level 3, 4
Material Plywood
Mission Open the box, to close it with your gift inside.
Players 1
Suggested Retail Price € 19.95
Size Box box size 150 x 100 x 125 mm

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