Say Cheese
Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Welcome to Say Cheese, where smiling mice are something nice.

HOW TO PLAY: Choose a challenge and arrange the blocks of cheese so all the mice tails are facing up. Then roll the cheese blocks within the grid until all mice heads are facing up. Cheese blocks are moved by "rolling" them. If enough empty space is open next to a cheese block, it may be rolled by tipping it upward along an edge, leaving the space it was in and moving to the open adjacent space.

The Challenges: There are 50 cheesy challenges to solve arranged mild (easy) to extra sharp (hard). Each challenge includes a move count indicating the fewest number of rolls in which a solution can be found. If your brain starts feeling like cheese fondue, don’t panic! In the back of this booklet we include a solution to each challenge.

So What Are You Waiting For? Say Cheese!

-5 square cheese pieces,
-2 rectangular cheese pieces,
-challenge booklet with instructions and solutions.