Blue/white Diabolo Acrobat 100 -set-
Blue/white Diabolo Acrobat 100 -set-

Blue/white Diabolo Acrobat 100 -set-

This medium-sized bicolour diabolo is a 'great deal' for beginning jugglers!
- The bicoloured cups allow you to better see the speed of the diabolo to estimate how much time you have before running out of spin.
- We used a harder compound of rubber and plastics, which results in more scratch resistant cups.

Availabe in 4 colour settings: Red/white, Blue/white, black/white and green/white.

Hand sticks made of aluminum; included.

'Getting started instructions' included.

In a net bag for easy travelling.


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  • Age: +8 - 99 yrs
  • Level: Semi-pro
  • Size Product: Diabolo diam. 100 x L. 120 mm / Sticks 325 mm
  • Weight: Diabolo 215 g. / Sticks 77 g.
  • Material: Compound of plastic and rubber
  • Article n°: 515717
  • Retailed ±: 17,95 Euro
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