Acrobat Spin-N-Fly Blue
Acrobat Spin-N-Fly Blue

Acrobat Spin-N-Fly Blue

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Juggle tricks and Frisbee-Juggle tricks!

Start Juggling:
-Find some space, free of objects within a 2 meter range.
-Attach the elastic band over your middle finger of your weaker hand or simply grasp with this hand the bungee cord by the end, if you prefer this way.
-Lift this arm a little and move it a bit away from your body, to hold the Spin & Fly in front of you.
-Take the Spin & Fly by the rim with your favoured hand.
-Throw the Spin & Fly horizontal right in front of you, with a flick of your wrist to make it spin. The more spin, the better.
-While it’s spinning, by moving the bungee cord, you can have it spinning in front of you, from left to right, up and down (yo-yo), between your legs (rodeo), over your arm (ping-pong), over both arms (tennis), around your head (cowboy),  etc … .

Frisbee-Juggle tricks:
-Find some empty lawn on a wind free day.
You can actually throw and catch the Spin & Fly just like a Frisbee.  It can fly up to 30 meters!
But you can also catch it by the bungee cord, so that the Spin & Fly keeps spinning and you can juggle some of your tricks before you throw the Spin & Fly back.

Exercises your hand/eye coordination, throwing skills, catching skills and Juggling skills.
Shows an amazing Gyroscopic Visual Effect.
Creates lots of active fun, Individual and in Group.

Instruction movie:
QR Code You tube filmpje Spin&Fly
You Tube: Acrobat Spin & Fly Juggling Frisbee: Getting started Instructions.


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