The V-Sphere consists of 8 fixed colored spherical triangles. The 7 of them are surrounded by 12 colored moveable rectangular pieces while the latter triangle is surrounded by 11 pieces leaving always a gap. This empty space gives the ability to the user to slide the moveable parts around the sphere.
The goal of the puzzle is to match the colored moveable parts to the colored fixed triangles.

It is an eye-catching, innovative spherical sliding 3D-puzzle that will challenge, excite and amaze male and female people of every age. Everyone will immediately stick with the puzzle once it's scrambled and will leave it from her/his hands only after have it solved!

The "V-Sphere" is a light but sturdy puzzle with permanent vibrant colors and the smoothest sliding play you can ever imaging! The sophisticated puzzle concept combined with the highest European manufacturing quality, warranties the ultimate user satisfaction.

The instructions in the leaflet are translated to Greek, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.

The V-Sphere is a worldwide patent, invented, designed and made in Greece. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED VERDES INNOVATIONS S.A.