Hedgehog Escape
Hedgehog Escape

Hedgehog Escape

Welcome to Hedgehog Escape, the spine-tingling, hedge-hoppin’ escape puzzle!
How does a hedgehog make his getaway? Through a hedge, of course! When ten little hedgehogs are surprised by some bad-news badgers, they have to roll together to reach the low spot in the hedge where Mama Hedgehog is waiting. (True fact: badgers eat hedgehogs!)

From the indicated start position of the rolling hedgehog piece, find the correct escape path, avoiding the biting badgers, to the low spot in the hedge and roll over it.

Challenges: There are 50 challenges and 5 levels of difficulty. Level 1 is the simplest and is designed to help you learn the rolling action of the Hedgehog piece and how to position it for the escape roll over the hedge. By the time you reach level 5 you’ll be amazed by how much ground these little hedgehogs will cover before they make good on their escape.
Help: If your brain rolls to a stop, a complete sequential move solution for each challenge is included.

50 different setups challenge you to foil the badgers. So what are you waiting for? Get rolling!

-1 Rolling Hedgehog Puzzle Piece
-Base with Hedge and Mother Hedgehog
-4 Badger Head puzzle pieces plus an extra in case you lose one
-Challenge Booklet with instructions and solutions