Puzzle 3X****
Puzzle 3X****

Puzzle 3X****

Remove the 3 rings from the game!
and put them back in the original position!

Design: Klaas Noordhoek-NL

Note from Ad van der Schagt-NL:
This design can be used as a basis to create a puzzle with 4 rings (4X) or 5 rings (5X) or 6 rings, or ...

Specialy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Eureka 3D String Puzzles, we will offer a 4X design, from September 2009. This is exactly 20 years after the start of our first production of puzzles. This 4X puzzle will be available in a collectable box also holding 3 other puzzles. See the Jubilee Eureka 3D Puzzles .



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  • Size Product: ± 8 x 6 x 15 cm
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  • Retailed ±: 12.50 Euro
  • Difficulty: Puzzle 3X****
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