Balance Beans

Balance Beans


Going up and down on a Seesaw is fun! With Balance Beans, you'll have even more fun trying to keep your Beans balanced!


Introduce young learners to elementary algebra with a fun bean balancing game!
1. Place the Red Beans on the Seesaw as shown. These Beans are stationary and can't be moved.
2. Place the other designated beans anywhere onto the Seesaw.
3. When the Seesaw balances – YOU WIN!
Includes: Game Tray and Base, 9 Game Tokens, 40 Challenge Cards and Solutions (4 levels of play, Easy to Super Hard), Instructions, and Travel Bag.


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  • New: End 2016
  • Age: 5 to adult
  • # Players: Single Player Logic Game
  • Challenges: 40
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Article n°: 1140
  • Retailed ±: 22.50 Euro
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