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Policy Eureka bvba:
Brainteasers and puzzles have been our hardcore business for already more than 25 years. This is a very specialised "niche" market with its limits but we prefer to make our mark in a niche than to play along and probably get lost in mass market. Therefore, it's our intention to keep focussed on "niche" items.

History Eureka 3D Puzzles:
It was September 1989 when my wife and me produced our first Eureka 3D String Puzzles A-B-C-D. This was in a 100m² storage-room. We where full of enthusiasm but only few shop-owners shared these feelings. During these last months of 1989, we sold only about 400 puzzles. Exploring the export potential was a turning point for us. First wholesalers in The Netherlands, France and Germany where found, the rest followed step by step.

Later developments:
Now, more than 25 years later, we offer over 101 unique puzzle designs, devided into 2 well-known brand names: Eureka 3D Puzzles and Cast Puzzles.  Both ranges find their way to more than 40 countries. Distributing Cast Puzzles (Hanayama Co.Ltd - Japan) for Europe since 2005, has made our company well established.
During the course of time we became the Belgian distributor for Pintoy (Thailand) and started importing toys from China. This activity gave our company stability.
In 2010 we created our own activity range Acrobat, which mostly consists out of juggling items.
Another milestone for our company was becomming the offical Benelux distributor for ThinkFun games (USA), during 2013.
And as you can see, our company keeps growing, step by step.

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Jo Wils
General manager


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